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Nerve Block

 If you have pain, it can always be blocked in the same manner as the dentists do when they give local anesthesia.  The choice of anesthetic can give longer anesthesia that the lidocaine that is normally used by dentists.  

Some have advocated a dilute solution, and includes some steroids as well.  I believe the theory is that small fibrous adhesions might be fortuitously  broken by this method.  There are occasional patients that apparently have longer term relief from their pain, even after the anesthetic effect wears off.  

The risks are those of the drug/drugs used in the injection, as well as the risk of trauma to the nerve if it is hit directly during the injection.

This has been recommended to me by a few physicians, but I have not elected to try this option at this point.  If I do, I will let you know.

If you have some experience with this, you can email me (webmaster link at the bottom), or preferably add your comments to the discussion board.