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I would almost like to avoid the above terms entirely, and just state what I have done in the past, and then allow a few others to explain what they have done.  This is not some mystical thing, it is just allowing your mind to focus on more pleasant things during the procedure.

Hypnosis can be used during dental procedures, so that other means of anesthesia can be avoided, and the long term complications can be avoided.

It can also be used as a part of treatment for chronic pain.  Those of us that suffer from chronic pain can attest to the fact that the degree of neuropathic pain is susceptible to the emotional state of the individual.  If you are angry or especially if you are anxious the pain seems to increase.  You can learn to control your reaction to the pain, and at least moderate the level.  Basically you are using stress relief techniques which helpe you cope.

Regarding the use during dental procedures:

In my personal experience, the dental drill on some teeth is not that painful, and by concentrating on other things and trying to ignore the drilling, I have been able to undergo major fillings without any difficulty.  The dentists these days seem to just automatically want to use local anesthetic.  After my injury I have made it a point to ask others what they do, and I have talked to one physician who has been able to do self-hypnosis for all of his dental procedures, including crowns, root canals, etc.  While this technique is not for everybody, I think it is well worth promoting because it is absolutely risk free.  There are no medications, no side effects, and you can walk out of the dental office with completely done, relaxed and with the comfort of knowing that you completely done - no waiting for anything to wear off, no worrying about whether you are going to chew on your tongue or lip before the sensation returns.  

I intend to return to this topic and expand on it.  I hope to offer some recordings for free to assist people in achieving this.

The following organizations have been recommended to me as the most reputable source of information.   

American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (http://www.asch.net)
Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (http://sunsite.utk.edu/IJCEH)


In the meantime, there is one site offering a tape at a small fee.  I have not evaluated this tape, and cannot vouch for it's effectiveness etc.   I am not endorsing it, nor do I get any kickback fee for purchases or referrals.

That being said, here is the site:

Hypnosis for dental procedures