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Capsaicin Candies

The theory with this therapy is that the use of these hotly spiced candies depletes the substance P, which is the neurotransmitter for pain.  The active ingredient is cayenne pepper, or capsaicin.  

If you want to make these candies yourself, here is the recipe:

Capsaicin Candy Recipe


These candies are available and sugar free from:

Candy Kraft:
Telephone  518-355-1860 

FAX 518-356-8101.  

Ask for the 'sugar free cayenne pepper candy'.  

They now have reformulated the recipe to help avoid stickiness in warmer months and are now making all of them at the 'double strength' formula.

All major credit cards accepted.  

1 lb = $7.00


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Traumatic dysesthesia of the trigeminal nerve

The lingual nerve is a branch of the trigeminal nerve.  This paper does not specifically address the capsaicin candies and the treatment of lingual nerve pain (dysesthesia).