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Lingual nerve injury or damage can result in anesthesia (numb tongue), paresthesia (tingling), or dysesthesia ( pain and burning ) in the tongue and inner mucosa of the mouth. This can be due to complication of tooth extraction of the wisdom teeth ( third molar ) or dental anesthetic injection (nerve block) for fillings, crowns. It result in a chronic pain syndrome or neuropathy.  If the inferior alveolar nerve is involved, numbness of the lip may result.

Some people have injury to the inferior alveolar nerve.  While this site was created addressing lingual nerve damage, inferior alveolar nerve damage is even more common.  The injury can result in anesthesia, paresthesia, or dysesthesia of the chin, lower lip, and the jaw.  This nerve can be injured by injection, but is more commonly injured during wisdom tooth extraction.  It can also be injured by root canal procedures, other tooth extractions and with placement of implants. 

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Traumatic injuries to the lingual nerve are rare, partially due to its protected location, to the inside of the mandibular bone.


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